Abby : Self love portrait session // Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Earlier this week Abby and I took a plastic bag full of tinsel and some literal rose coloured glasses to the city botanical gardens to see what we could come up with. Abby is an enigma of aesthetics and always nails the super vague styling briefs I throw at her.  Everything here is shot through a Sigma Art Series 18-35 and a collection of second hand lens filters. You can find Abby on insta @wicked.mermaid

We held a bundle of tinsel close to Abby's face to achieve this streaky, watery reflection - because as you should know, Blade Runner is my inspiration for everything. I love the end results, even though the process was much less glamorous (scroll to the end of this post to see the reality of creating this look.) I am always thankful for Abby because she's so patient and trusting in my crazy stupid creative processes. 

It is also worth noting that during this shoot, while crouching in some mulch trying to ~get the shot~ I stood up too fast and absolutely knackered myself, falling over in front of a bunch of kids walking through the garden to a punk show. So congratulations to me. 

Lauren : Content session // Southbank, Brisbane.

On Thursday I met up with Lauren to shoot some content for her. We hit a tonne of locations around the city and I am so pleased with these shots. Sorry that there are so many, I struggled to cull them down. If you're a content creator in need of some ootd/lifestyle/portrait work I'd love to bring your ideas to life :) You can follow this beauty @lauren.mcguckin