Ash & Amy-Rose : Winter farm wedding // Redlands, Brisbane.

On June 16th I had the privilege to capture Ash & Amy-Rose's wedding day. The ceremony and reception was held at an eco farm in the Redland Bay area, and their photos were taken...well, you'll see. Instead of rings they exchanged tattoos, the bride wore black and the bridesmaids made their own dresses. It was the perfect day that was so unique to them and I'm honoured to have been a part of it. Here are some highlights from that day x

I know wedding portraits are usually quite cohesive - they're shot in a single location so everything is the same colour scheme, mood etc. But that all goes out the window when your wedding is up the road from Daz, a man who, in his own words, 'likes to collect strange things.' Such things might include a church bell strung up in a gum tree, a giant fibreglass shark sculpture, an appropriately themed slogan or a froggy waterslide. 

The following set is the slightly-more-serious 'proper' portraits that I am IN LOVE WITH.