Remy : Lucky Fields editorial session // North Brisbane.

I do most of my location scouting via Instagram, which brings mixed results. The below series is the outcome of the most serendipitous location scout to date. I had seen online that there was this particular spot with some cool coloured dirt, but when we got there (after it had just poured rain for the first time in months) she was no where to be found. Meaning, the cool dirt was now ~less cool~ mud.

Determined that we could still make a thing out of this shoot that now had no location and no concept, we walked a little further past the recently deceased Instagram dirt spot. Suddenly we were on a bike track that went on forever up and down a wavy hillside, which was covered in beautiful long grass with wispy little tips and birds and wind and it was perfect!

I took some clients back to this spot following our success, and ALL OF THE BEAUTIFUL LONG GRASS WAS GONE.

So let this be a lesson in seizing every chance to take photos in pretty places when you can find them x.