Nic & Jen : Couple's portrait session // Melaleuca Station Crematorium

Nick & Jen were the best dancers at my wedding. My husband and I had taught ourselves a quick waltz via Youtube the night before, meanwhile these guys were out there spinning and grooving like pros. So there's a lot of dancing in this set, prepare yourself for all the twirls.

Clients-turn-friends of mine manage this ridiculously picturesque crematorium in northern New South Wales. It's so beautiful that I am 100% willing to inconvenience my family by subjecting them to the 2 hour drive to cremate me here. Careful to ensure there were no services on this day (residual habits of a funeral coordinator hi hello) we spent an afternoon in the gardens. I assumed that the garden was the only thing to see but there was SO MUCH MORE. It turns out before it was a crematorium, this place was an outback themed restaurant that now stands as a semi-abandoned looking warehouse, and before that it was a train station, with the platform still in tact. 

One more big thank you to Nick & Jen for being good sports and good dancers, and to Thalia and Jarod for the funeral banter and permitting access to the location x